Review of Alex Wennerberg’s “Harm”

The best thing about this book is it’s wildly disorienting in the best possible way. I mean that because Alex’s work always feels uncanny- in a sense familiar and yet completely unpredictable. I have no idea how he achieves this, although, it seems to me, to contain a type of dream-logic. In poetry, this type of affect is very powerful. It navigates into your subconscious in the direct way that “nonsense” does, without registering in the analytic brain, yet you find yourself retroactively feeling something.

It’s in this odd dream state that a lot of images appear in the book- the color blue, crystals where hands used to be- descriptions of events that seem to be even more true in that they are impossible.

You can get it here.

Review of Alex Wennerberg’s “Harm”

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